Church Life

Church Life: Financing the Archdiocese

Notwithstanding the fact that there is so much teaching in the Scriptures about the proper use of money, many Christians seem strangely reticent about this issue.  The reality of this life is that without generous, thankful, faithful giving from her members, the Church cannot thrive and sustain her presence in modern society.  Particularly, in relation to the bishop, there is the cost of his accommodation, salary, office expenses and secretarial help.  The budget for these particular commitments is at least £60,000 p.a.), On Saturday 11th July 2015, Fr Gregory the Dean (Archpriest Gregory Hallam) convened the first Archdiocesan Finance meeting at his parish of St. Aidan in Manchester.  Two resolutions were overwhelmingly passed at this meeting:-

“To approve a target of 15% for Parish giving to the Archdiocese out of ordinary parish income by the end of 2015, and no later than the start of the next financial year (5 April 2016).”

“To consider formally in Parish Councils and charitable bodies the possibility of implementing a Thanksgiving Project to start at the beginning of the next parish financial year.”

If you would like to make your own direct contribution to these ongoing costs, please use the contact form and someone will be in touch.  Thank you.