Metropolitan Silouan’s First Ordination Sermon for Fr Paulinus

Synopsis of the Sermon

Sayedna preaches that through the Mysteries we have a strong connection to the Holy Spirit.  The ordination happens, not by any power of our own, but by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.  In ordination, all priests have this gift from God, this gift of the Holy Spirit.  It [the charism] is a free gift from God but we must also protect it from everything bad.  We can stand against that which would snatch away the gift by pursuing goodness in our lives.  This goodness is born out of humility which itself comes from obedience; obedience to Christ and the bishop.  If the bishop says: “Go here.  We need a parish in this place,” – this is what we must do.  This is for love!  It is the same for the chanters as the priests.  Do you chant for the priest?  No!  Do you do this for the people?  No!  You do it for God.  By His gift of the Holy Spirit we can become sons of God.  We must not hate our brother or else we will lose this gift.  We must seek to be holy.  God and His Church can make you holy if you will.  Why do we have icons in our temples?  It is so that we can see the holy persons and become holy ourselves.  The bishop then turned to Paulinus to give him the gift of a prayer rope.  We must become a prayer each day in every circumstance of our lives.  Sometimes some people may say something bad about us but you must only love in return.  Yes, you are to listen to the people and learn what you need to but you do not obey them; you obey only Christ in the Gospel and the Canons of the Church.  Having done this through your life as a priest you will have something good on their behalf to present to Christ.  Today, the bishop said, there is a remembrance of the fallen.  This too is our martyrdom, to love God and His people to the end.