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[Acts 11:26] 

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Fr. Dennis Moffatt Reposes in the Lord
(Funeral 8th October)

Fr. Dennis

On Friday 8th. October the funeral of Fr. Dennis took place. At his home his family and a few friends surrounded his coffin and a panikhida was served. His body was then taken to the Church of St. Columba and St. Kentigern for the funeral service.

A large congregation filled the church to overflowing. Eleven priests and two deacons from four jurisdictions were in attendance surely a fitting tribute to Fr. Dennis's life as a priest. The augmented choir sang beautifully and the address was given by Fr. George (Evans). The service in church concluded with the Last Kiss.

Fr. Dennis was then laid to rest in the Orthodox plot at Rosehill Cemetery in Doncaster. After the singing of "Memory Eternal" we sang the Easter troparia "Christ is risen....." in English, Greek, Church Slavonic and Arabic, a truly moving moment for everyone.

On returning to church a further panikhida was served. A reception was held at the country club where not so long ago Father held his seventy fifth birthday party.

Father Dennis "Memory Eternal!"

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