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The Human Icon – Orthodoxy and Hinduism

“The Human Icon” by Dr Christine Mangala Frost (2017)
ISBN: 978 0 227 17635 1
pb 349 pages

James Clarke & Co. Ltds. Cambridge 2017

Available Here

Dr Frost has capably achieved a gargantuan task in shining a light on the spirituality of Orthodox Christianity for a Hindu audience and likewise illuminating the richness and depth of Hinduism for her own Orthodox Christian community.  This has been achieved precisely because she has a foot in both worlds with insights that transcend the possible disjunctions of language, concepts and practice that exist on the surface between the two faiths.  Raised as a Hindu but becoming an Orthodox Christian in later life, she speaks from within both religious traditions with an authenticity that is personally tested and encyclopaedic in scope.

In this book, Dr Frost has not simply described the major themes of each religion, comparatively and in parallel.  That would have presented a relatively straight forward task.  She has gone further and much deeper by identifying possible points of contact, even overlap and congruence, between corresponding themes and insights from both faiths.  This has been achieved while at the same time identifying with clear sightedness possible irreducible differences that need to be acknowledged in inter-faith dialogue.

Her realism in addressing these elements of both convergence and divergence is never compromised by any personal intrusive commitments, yet her own blessings in both faiths clearly shine through.  She is a critical observer who strives to be fair to both religions both on their own grounds and in dialogue.  A reader of this book will be enlightened and encouraged by the possibilities that lie ahead for mutual enhancement and understanding between Orthodox Christians and Hindus alike.


First Trustees Meeting in London

On Saturday 8th July 2017 the First Archdiocesan Trustees met at St George’s Cathedral in London to agree the Constitution of the soon to be formed Archdiocesan Charity.  Although the meeting was lengthy and, for the most part, technical, it established a firm foundation for the Archdiocese’s activities as covered by charity law.  Several amendments to the Charity Commission’s basic template were considered and either approved or dismissed.  The process now begins to get the charity approved and registered at the Charity Commission.  It will probably not be before the end of the year that this process is complete.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr Christian Karam, The Very Reverend Archpriest Gregory Hallam, Mr Simon Abdel-Nour, Mr William Hunter, The Very Reverend Archimandrite Philip Hall, His Eminence Metropolitan Silouan Oner, Dr Samir Hraiki, Revd Fr Dr Alexander Tefft, Mrs Annemieke Lommaert-Blondeel, Mr Gabriel Michel El-Kassir, Mr Johnny Tabbal, Dr Sami Carouba.